Join the Emerge Colorado Class of 2016 on Saturday, June 25th for our first annual Riveting Conversations with Women in Politics. 

“The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card.”

- Donald Trump

When Donald Trump made that statement, Emerge women across the country knew we wanted to get our very own woman cards.  

Emerge women trained since 2005? 2000

Women currently in office? 398

Women on the ballot in 2016? 270

Maxing out our woman card to train Democratic women to run for office? Priceless.

We know Democratic women who run for office have a lot going for them. That's why we are thankful when they step up to run and serve. 
Get your woman card today for you or a woman in your life! Make a $5 or more donation to support our work and we'll send one your way!
Emerge Colorado trains Democratic women to run for office with a 6-month training program.  

From Arizona to Colorado to Kentucky to Massachusetts, there are 270 Emerge women running for office at every level of government—including 97 women running for state House, 25 for state Senate, and 4 for U.S. Congress! See the full list here.


Applications for the 2017 class of Emerge Colorado will open in September 2016! Read more about our program!


There are only 20 women in the U.S. Senate today.  Only four women from Colorado have ever served in Congress.  Help us build the bench.

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